Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Prototype Update

One reason I recommend a prototype, is once you start creating the mock-up, there is more work then it may seem at first. We all have a lot of ideas in our head about how we want to make, and design our product and what features we want in it. When building a prototype, it forces you to finalize how you want it to look, and what features you want to settle on.

If you look at Myers Briggs, I am a typical ISTP, and the P is what gets me in trouble sometimes. The desire for more and more information before we can finalize a decision can paralyse us from ever finishing something in good time. Anything that forces me to make a decision, even with incomplete information sometimes, is never a bad thing. Those who are strong J's will not have this problem.

So I went to Walmart today and picked up poster board, craft knife, velcro strips and a ruler to start building my prototype. I could have gone to any store, I just happened to be there for an oil change, kill two birds with one stone. I already have packaging tape and other supplies that I can build the mock-up. I will keep you informed as I build it out.

Wow, was going through my RSS feeds and found this article that agrees with the need to "sprint" sometimes.



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