Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ordered my LLC

Finally, after dragging my feet, I got the process started for creating my legal entity. I went with a Nevada based LLC. Since it will be a virtual business, i.e. no store front, I decided on Nevada which had strong privacy and no tax liability outside of sales tax. I looked at a lot of different services including legal zoom,, intuit and myllc. I chose MyLLC and I can not be happier so far. The woman who started the company also wrote LLC for Dummies, so there is at least some literature pointing towards expertise.

I got onto their live chat and was lucky to connect with Nicole who is their operations manager. She walked me through the entire process, what I needed, what I didn't need and to make it even better, gave me a coupon code at the end that essentially waved the filing fee.

As the process continues I will keep you updated and let you know any snafus. If it does as well as it has so far I will be quite pleased. If any of you need to start an LLC, here is a link:

One day closer!!

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