Friday, September 25, 2009

Hurry up and wait

So as you noticed I haven't written in a while. I had the contract manufacturer look at the drawings and prototype, answered their questions and they have sent off to the factory in China for initial pricing. I am still waiting! Ughh! How frusterating.

One thing to remember is when you find a qualified factory to do your work, you will also be the smallest customer they have. I know they have not received one dime of revenue from me yet, but have also indicated how serious I am at the moment.

My advice, is don't get steamed up. I have to calm myself down as I am trying to maintain a schedule. Take the time to work on other things. Meet with your attorneys and understand your obligation for sales and use tax, for filing your trademarks or tweaking your corporate structure.

I am trying to meet with a trademark attorney next week, a sales and use tax attorney and a couple CPA's to do my sales and use tax filings. I will let you know my experience with that and my cost when it is said and done.

I am trying to have a working prototype by the time I leave for a wedding in Napa a the end of October. It is important to have prototypes as I will have a working session to get everyones take on the product and changes.

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