Monday, January 18, 2010

Photographs and bartering

I picked up the proofs and CD of my images last week. They look wonderful in my opinion. The photographs I had taken include:

Photo's to show the functionality of the product
Photo's to show scale - I did this in relation to another product
Photo's to show the quality of the product up close
Mix of photo's showing in use and not in use.

When I have my site up and finished, I will be able to have thumbnails for everyone to check out as well as if I want to sell on third party sites.

My payments to him were to cover the cost of studio time, proof sheet and CD of images. As we looked at the photographs more, I realized, there was going to need to be some slight touch ups. Instead of paying him another 50 to 100 dollars, he agreed to do the touchups for one of my products. Given that I am thinking of a retail price of $25, that is a significant savings on this work.

Don't overlook bartering to make payments as well. Certain of your partners may have clients that are your target market. It is well worth exploring!



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