Friday, June 5, 2009

LLC Update

Moving right along. Not an hour after my order, I received the filled out form for my approval to go to the Secretary of State. They did a search to make sure the name was available, which it looks like it was, got the signature from the registered agent acting on my behalf and said it would be approved with in a week to ten days. There was one mistake on the application which most likely was my fault when I filled the data in on the online form. So far quite pleased with myllc. If you need to set up yours, go ahead and click below:

Many of you might ask why I need a registered agent. Several reasons, because my business will be virtual, I set it up outside my home state so I need someone to take any type of service. Second, even if it was in my home state, I like the privacy of not having my address listed, and I like knowing there is someone to take service between 9 and 5 as required by law.

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