Monday, February 15, 2010

Legal docs for your website

As I get closer to bringing my product to business, I am starting to figure out what needs to be on my website. The three things in particular you need to work on, is a privacy policy, terms and conditions, and returns. Believe it or not, these are not extremely difficult to do, and most major web stores have all three for you to review.

So far I have my privacy policy complete, and am working on Terms and Conditions and Return policies. Upon completion, I will have my lawyer review and make changes. In this way you can save yourself several thousand dollars of legal fees, and use the legal work of some of the top attorney's in the nation.

I try and keep these policies pretty broad, as most people don't actually read them, they give you more flexibility and if there is a an issue, courts have recognized that having an easy to find policy on your website constitutes people agreeing to them, even if they do not read them, or "agree" to them.

Privacy tells people what and how you are tracking information on them. It talks about cookies, what the i nformation is used for, and how it is shared, whether with outside parties including law enforcement.

Terms of use talk about the terms and conditions of use of the site, including ordering policies, and the most popular, indemnity and hold harmless. You can have a return policy integrated into your terms of conditions and use and I am unsure if I will have mine seperate.

Finally, have a qualified lawyer review all your policies. Believe it or not, changing small words can make distict differences in how people and courts review it.

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