Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So as we go about our dreams and aspirations, there are people, places, or ideas that inspire us to greatness. The two big inspirations for me have been The Big Idea and Tim Ferriss. Donnie Deutsch hosts "The Big Idea" on CNBC. It is very hit or miss, but the most inspiring is when he has small business owners in to talk about how they got their business off the ground. Indeed, the same thing you hear all the time is, "There has to be a better way." It was the thought process that got me to my point.

The second person, Tim Ferriss is known for his book "The Four Hour Work Week". I bought this book after seeing it for a long time and reading both good and bad reviews. The number of resources he points you to in the book is what gave me the confidence and courage to pursue this idea. On top of that, it showed me that I didn't have to make an all or nothing decision. I didn't have to quit my job and run a business the whole time.

What has been your muse?



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