Sunday, March 8, 2009

Contract Manufacturers

So I did some research and have found several companies that may very well be able to make my product. In particular I found a company that looks like it does small lots. I have to admit, I procrastinated and never set up a PO Box. I am stopping tomorrow at the UPS store to see how much a box is. I don't want to start out with a home address.

I also discovered I need to do a write up and drawings of my specs for some of these companies to get a quote from them. I will try working on that this weekend. One of my friends is in graphic design school so I am tempted to have her do the work so she can use it in her portfolio. I also want to put in the Provisional Patent Application so I don't lose control of my product.

Once I get that done I can reach out to these contract manufacturers.

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