Thursday, March 5, 2009

Review of my first Prototype

So I finally got to spend time with a friend and show my initial prototype to him. The response was very heartening since he is my target consumer for this product. What made me happy was that we were essentially on the same page.

As he initially asked me to tell him about my business plan/product idea, I pulled out the prototype. "Oh wow you have one made? Awesome!" I had left one feature out that I wanted to put in, and it was one of two suggestions that he had to make it better. We also discussed a couple features I was thinking of but was hesitant, and he confirmed my hesitation by giving me the reasons to avoid those.

As we talked about production, pricing and distribution, I got him excited about it as well. He has already told me when it is made, he will buy one since it is exactly what he has been looking for for several years.

So now I need to move forward faster. I need to reach out to contract manufacturers and figure out pricing, quantity, set up fees, etc. What I am hoping is, with business down around the world, there might be excess capacity they would love to use. Maybe an advantage of a recession/depression.



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