Saturday, June 6, 2009

Procrastination takes its toll - mentally

I have written a couple times this week about getting the LLC application filled out and on its way. I had been putting it off, putting it off, until finally I said, I just have to get it done. While it is a small thing, I can't believe how relieved I feel to have that done. I kept thinking and thinking and trying to understand every last nuance of setting one up.

What state?
Single or multi-member
What information do I need?

In the end it was the easiest thing I ever had to do. I called a service ( and they walked me through it. The cost was negligable, they do all the filing, and I didn't even need a majority of the information I thought I would.

I look back now and see the toll the procrastination was taking on me. I was grumpy, snapping at my family, and I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

While I am not saying to rush into anything, but by holding back to much, you put an emotional strain on yourself. Procrastination can be healthy when it is used to collect more information, but unhealthy when it wrecks us emotionally.

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