Monday, March 16, 2009

My to-do list this week

This week is a busy one but I am building out my to do list so that I can figure out what needs to be done this week.

Scan and email to my friend my crude drawing so she can build it out for me in Adobe/Quark when I go to manufacturers.

Set up PayPal for the business attached to a seperate credit card. Bank of America offered me a credit card in addition to the one I have with them already so might just need to set it up that way. I am tempted to set it up against a credit union account I have already. Just not sure yet.

Set up phone number in Skype. I need to check and price out so that I have a "Business" phone and voicemail at this time.

Fill out provisional Patent Application and file with Patent Office.

Figure out "company name" to start an LLC. While I didn't want to spend the money initially to have it filed in Illinois, I think that is being penny wise pound foolish. The liability protection is well worth it. I was originally going to do it in Nevada, but since the product will originate in Illinois, I need to make sure I have an Illinois LLC.

This in addition to some interviews and networking opportunities I am supposed to have this week should keep me pretty busy.

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