Thursday, June 11, 2009

Company Logo

As I move along with my business idea, I started thinking of a company logo and/or trademark. Back in high school I used to be creative and artsy but when I look back I had a passionate art teacher that would nudge me in the right direction. Now a ton of art is done on computers and I have zero experience in designing logos.

I have looked around and there are services that will design the logo for you. They have different price points with the cheapest being a single design with three variants of the design for something like 300 dollars. Two designs with 3 variants each (6 logos) is, as you probably guessed, 600 dollars.

I think these companies would probably be great when you have an idea of what you want your logo to be like. Where these fall through is when you have no idea. I have no clue what to have for a company logo. The product is sound, but its not one that lends itself easily to a logo.

How do you do it on a shoestring then? You have local colleges that have design students? They are all looking to build out their portfolios for job interviews. You might be able to get it done for free, or for significantly less then a "professional". My friend is in design school. I told her I rather pay her to do it but she won't take cash, so I will take her to dinner then.

The great thing about it, is you have a young, ambitious person looking to fill out their portfolio. You can get them excited about your product and they invest their emotion into it as well.

"Give me guys that are poor, smart, hungry - and no feelings." Gordon Gekko, Wall Street



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