Saturday, June 13, 2009

Documents arrived

I got my documents from MyLLC today in the mail. I have to get the member to sign which I am doing next week and fill out some paperwork that needs a wet signature. So there is a one time $125 fee for listing the members. There is also $100 dollar for out of state business licence.

I need to change some small materials in the operating agreement that will essentially give me tighter control. The one thing that bugs me is they tell me its a sample operating agreement. I thought the purpose of hiring someone is to have someone create a document that complies with the state laws.

edit: MyLLC is changing the cover page on the operating agreement since it is a usable and robust operating agreement.

I also have to set up a business banking account next week and capitalize the business. I will probably start with $1,000 dollars and if I have to input more I will. I might try and create loans to the business till it is up and running. I haven't decided yet. MyLLC has done quite well so far and will keep you informed.

If you need to set up an LLC here is a link. Yes I get a referral fee but I am trying to be as honest with my experience as possible.

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