Friday, July 17, 2009

More research on merchant services

I am researching a few more merchant service providers before I make a decision. The downtime on is really pushing me towards the Yahoo hosted ecommerce solution. They have their own gateway for you to use. I have checked out Bank of America and will check out Chase Paymentech and will need to look further into First Data. I am also considering PayPal as it is really inexpensive to sign up.

As I look more at the Yahoo solution I think I may need to go with First Data as that is who their main partner is. Nice thing about First Data, I can use just about any bank I want. Luckily I have time to look at it since I have not reached out to contract manufacturers (life has slowed me down on some things). In addition, they can interface with outsourcers too.

I will update my costing study as I look further at the various options and give you an update.

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