Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Importance of Vacations

Are you a work-a-holic? I know I am. As I get older, it is something I am trying to get further away from. Not only do I not have the stamina, I don't have the desire to work 70 hours a week for someone else. Either way, until I win the lottery, or some deep pocket decides to buy out my business, I will be working either for myself, or for someone else.

I can't stress enough, how important vacations are to your well being. I went to Hawaii for 18 days. In that time, I didn't post on here (set them up before I left), I barely thought about my business, and outside of having a nice lunch with the former CEO of a fortune 500 company, had nothing to do with my business. Heck, I only called my family twice.

I came back from Hawaii, but refreshed and motivated. Refreshed, because I didn't deal with business in that time, but motivated to keep this moving, and moving forward. I have a girlfriend in Hawaii. I know its wierd but we are both comfortable with something long distance. But I would love to get this business up, so I could live there a couple months a year. Talk about motivation.

What is vacation? That means several things, and many people have a hard time taking a vacation. It means, no WORK email. No WORK phone calls. In fact, if you can disconnect from technology, even better.

I have always told bosses, that when they go on vacation, I will not call them, period. And I expect the same treatment when I go on vacations. In fact, I worked for one boss who insisted on being in touch during my vacation. I told him I was going to a place with no electricity and that if he needed to get in touch with me that bad, one, the company was going under, and I wouldn't have a job anyway, so don't call me, or two, I screwed up so bad, that I was fired anyway, so don't call me.

It is also why I use Verizon, they have poor coverage outside the USA with the CDMA technology. Being that connected is not a godsend but a nightmare to me. I can't stress enough, take a vacation. You earned it!

PeachPit (Pearson Education)

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