Monday, May 4, 2009

Still Here...

So I know it has been a while since I posted and I wanted to apologize to those who check out the site from time to time. Life intervened and I was not able to work on the business idea. I finally got my drawings back from my friend, and it looks darn good. A lot better then my pencil and pen drawings on blank paper. She did it in illustrator which provided a PDF I can provide to potential manufacturers.

LLC... God am I confused. So much conflicting data right now and trying to figure out where to domicile the entity is driving me nuts. I talked to my sister and brother and law and I will include them as 2% owners so it is not a single entity LLC. This should provide greater liability protection. Also, since they would be the beneficiary of my shares in the event of my death, it makes sense.

Now, where do I domicile it. I originally looked at Nevada for a variety of reasons. I then decided Illinois since that is where I am living at the moment. But there is possibility of moving back to California, this could screw things up of course. I may just break down and to the Nevada LLC, since it is cheaper, and they do not release the name of LLC members, go figure a state started by the Mob...

Either way I am hoping to find out this week if this company will be interviewing me in California, which will further determine how I structure. In all reality I just need to stop fooling around.

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