Thursday, May 7, 2009

All or nothing, or somewhere in the middle...

Have you noticed that we in American tend to go to the extremes? We are red states or blue states, we wanted the biggest SUV or the smallest fuel efficient cars, and we either work for the man, or quit our jobs and go all in starting a company. But wait, do we always need to?

What about the middle ground? We are a purple country with most people in the middle. We want a fuel efficient car that still does well on the freeway, and we love the idea of owning our own business but enjoy the stability and benefits of a large company or government job.

If you look at most bloggers, they didn't quit their jobs to start blogging full time, they did it nights and weekends, and became successful enough to quit their day jobs. We need to move away from this idea of all or nothing and look somewhere in the middle.

Yes, I love the idea of starting a business but you know what? I am not ready to risk it all at the moment. If I can build enough momentum to do mini-retirements I will be all over it, but until that time comes, its nice to have a job to fund my ideas.

Don't let the all or nothing approach stop you from starting your small business. You do not have to quit your job. You do not have to sell mortgage your house, and max your credit cards on the hope that some idea makes it big. If it is a small idea, start small. Use fullfillment companies, use call centers, sell online or start your first blog. Start out small.

Just do it as Nike we would say. Get out there and try. Make mistakes. Learn from it and make yourself a better person. If your idea gains traction, they enjoy the feeling of walking into work and telling them to take this job and shove it. Don't hold back!



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