Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Idea Document

Do you ever have ideas for businesses, only to see them on TV later and think, I thought about that years ago! I now have a document that I keep to write/type my business ideas. Seriously, I look back at them and think, this is the dumbest idea I ever had, but some I look at and think, wow that still is a good idea.

Too often we have a flash of brilliance that we later forget. Many inventors keep a notebook by their bed so that they can write down ideas when they wake up in the middle of the night. What I have discovered, if I have an idea now, I can't get to sleep unless I log it in my business invention journal.

Sometimes you look back and realize the idea is un-attainable. One example I had, at Christmas time I made a gourmet gift basket for my sister and mother. It included high quality olive and walnut oils, vinegars made from the orleans process, vanilla sugar and others. I thought, maybe I could sell some gift baskets, until I did a google search. I am just not willing to risk that much by competing with a company that is at the top of every single google search at this moment.

Other ideas that I think can work? Well, keep reading as once I get this all set up, I will use the profits (hopefully) to fund other ideas.



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